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Misunderstanding in language exchange

It is very common that there is the misunderstanding in conversations between people from different countries. Besides the direct affects in the conversations, it is harmful in for the further relations between these people. Some following arguments will study the case and try to find out the way to overcome it.

Firstly, one of the causes of misunderstanding is the difference of cultures. Vietnamese people tend to ask about your age in the first time of they meet you. It is because Vietnamese people use different words to call you in conversations, depending on your age, your social position, your relation with other people around them. This kind of culture sometimes confuses foreigners and lead conversations to some inconvenience.

The other important reason of errors in understanding foreign language is the insufficient range of vocabulary. For example, when talking about the weather, it can be very hot, hot, warm, mild, cool, cold, chili, etc… Somebody doesn’t know the correct word, and only know words hot and cold and use incorrect word. Further, when they express attitude about some things, they use only words like hate and love, without knowing the word to like, to prefer, to be fond of, or to dislike, to bear, etc … Incorrect word usage can lead to the misunderstanding.

One other common case is people usually can not command a long sentence in foreign language. They use short sentences only and miss some important ideas in their expresion, believing that their partners already understand them. They don’t know that is may have bad affects.

So, there are many reasons of the misunderstanding and they could badly affect former good relations. People should understand them to avoid any unnecessary annoying, or any break in relationship between friends.

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