TOEFL essay sample: Men or women are they better drivers?

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Men or women are they better drivers?

Nowadays there is a “war” between mans and womans. The mans think that they are stronger and better from womans.
There is one most popular debate. The mans or womans are the better drivers? The mans think that the womans are not a good drivers. But I do not think so.

Everyone knows that the man do not like a driving womans. They think that the womans have not enought sense of orientation and a good reflexes to be drivers. The mans think that many accidents are throught woman"s fault. Is this a mit or reality?

My opinion is that driving do not depends from the sex. I think that a good driving depends only from driving experience and from personal culture of each person. Everyone experiensed driver will be better from a new one.
The mans do not want to believe that womans can do everything like a mans. I do not think that the womans are stronger than mans, but I do not think that I can not be a good driver only because I am a woman.

But the “war” between mans and womans will continue as the world turns. Not only for driving… 8)

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Please note that the plural of man is MENand the plural of woman is WOMEN
I have made other changes in CAPITAL letters.