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Some students don’t like doing homework everyday, while others prefer doing daily homework since the homework help them a lot. Different students may have different
preference. In my opinion, the students should have the daily homework, but not too much. I hold this opinion for several important reasons as follows.

First of all, homework, which is part of lecture, can help students review the lecture after class, and understand further about the subject. By doing homework, students could figure out those areas of lecture which they misunderstand in class. Then they can recall the lecture and try to understand those subjects. Even though after trying, they still feel confused, they can mark those areas and
ask for help from teachers. In turn, teachers can get the information from students. By reviewing the assignment collected from students, teachers could know some
information about the quality of their lectures, such as which area of the subjects should be
given more details to demonstrate and which function students should need more practices. In this sense, homework not only helps students, but also provides teachers an instant feedback of the quality of lectures. Homework seems like a bridge between students and teachers.

On the other hand, too much homework may ruin students’ lives. Overload assignment makes students exhausted, and thus results in the opposite of our initial purpose.
If, we can imagine, students need to take 3 hours or more to finish their daily assignments after 5-hour school in the daytime, they don’t have time to develop their hobbies which are very important for life that one could have. For instance, with studying all day, students have no time to practice playing sports, drawing cartoon or playing
chess by which they refresh their mind after school. At their young age, they work as hard as adults do. Moreover, the tired students have no spirits in class any more. For these aspects, teachers should not assign too much homework to students everyday.

In short, I believe that teachers should assign the daily homework to students, but should not assign too much to them. Because on the one side, homework helps students to master the subjects, and also helps teachers to adjust their lecture and improve the quality of classes; but on the other side, overload homework ruins students’ lives, who, like adults, have their own lives.

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