TOEFL essay sample: Leaning about the past has no value?

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Learning about the past has no value for those of us living in the present. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and example to support your opinion.

People often say that “ Let’s the past pass”. However, the past is obviously a vital part of our lives. I believe that learning about the past is very good and necessary for us.

First of all, past is generally history. Human beings have evolved continuously since they came into existence. Things that we made in the past result in present ones. Now, we have a comfortable life thanks to inventions and findings in the past. Learning about the past, in this case, is to learn how to respect our ancestors. For instance, a person must know his country’s glorious history, so he is very proud of it. He will have great love for his country and be willing to devote his life to protect it. Moreover, we look back the past to live as well as our ancestor did. We should do things which cause our next generations a better future.

Secondly, learning the past is the best way to improve ourselves. Our mistakes are easily found in the past. At that time, we were too young to know what we should do without being guided. Some are unhappy to recall their awful memories of failure. However, by learning experience from the past of our selves or other people, we can advoid mistakes. We also receive lots of helpful advice so that we can know what way is the most feasible for us to follow.

Finally, we can rely on the past to be alive. Many people have very unforgetable experiences which help them overcome any badness in their present life. Whereas, some don’t have sweet memory or a pleasant past. Consequently, they will respect their present life and try to make it happier. I know a man who was bringing up as an orphan. He said that he learned many things from his pitiful childhood to live strong. Now, as a sucessful businessman, he gives his money to make charity to help poor children. He does have a meaningful life despite of his formerly bad life.

In summary, no one can live without his/her past. Though the past can have a bad or good influence on our present life, how we live today will decide whether or not we will have a bright and meaningful future.

Thanks a lot.

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