TOEFL essay sample: knowledge from books or experience

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Through the whole of our lives we do our best to gain the knowledge that will help us live better … we do our best while at school, at work, or anywhere. We just try to save as much informations as possible.

There are two sources for getting knowldage, the first one is through books, the second is through experience. In another word, there is a theorical and practical ways for gaining knowledge.

The most knoledge we gain in our young age is gained from books, we go to school and study in books all the subjects we need, languages, history, geography, and general education. Also adults get a lot of knowledge through books, because they are a very useful way for saving it, a very useful way also for forwarding it, there is a proverb that says : “the best freind is you book”.

The second source of knowledge wich I think is more important is experience, it gives your real life situations, and make you experiment all what you have learned in books, take for example physics and scientific experiments, it is important to witness it to understand it well, books will never be able to explain the experiment and the results better than seeing it in real life.

I totaly agree with the statement that says : “Not everything that is learned is contained in books”. For an instance, while looking for a job, employers look more importantly at the experience section in your resume or your CV, then comes on the second hand you diplomas and studies, because we all know that experience gives us the best knowledge and sometimes even in a short time.

To sum up, we should always try our best to gain as much knowledge as possible from experience through facing real life situations and real people and communicate with them, know their different ways of thinking, learn from other opinions and culturs, and also not to forget the help of theorical knowledge of books, because they also will never be replaced.

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Hi englishtestspider, I found some mistakes with parallel structure. Pls check again, and correct me if I’m wrong.
I think that you should slit up your summary a little bit more. A very long sentence can lead readers to confusion to keep up with.

I agree with you purplevalleys with the first gerends : facing and meeting … because after through ===> Gerends or nouns, but not for the other verbs, because I will have to add “through” again in the begining of every gerend… that’s what i think, thank you and please correct me if i’m wrong.
I totaly agree with you with the second remark, I just didn’t have time, and i made a very quick conclusion, because i always respect the test conditions in my writtings : 30 minutes …
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I wish I could do this essay as fast as you in only 30 minutes .
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I belive you can do better Tomwelling, just practice hard and try to write at least two essays a day …
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