TOEFL essay sample: Employ the young

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Some companies like to employ younger and enthusiastic people, other companies like to employ older and experienced people. If you were a boss, which kind of people do you like to employ. Give reasons and specific examples to illustrate your answer.

The story happened on a hot summer afternoon. “ I have an engineering bachelor degree ,besides I can speak English quite well”,“What makes you think you are qualified to this job?”,”We will keep your profiles and inform you as soon as possible.” When Xiao Lee went out from that high office buildings he felt a sense of dismay. Today it was the third time for him to be rejected . Young chap glimpsed at those well-designed resumes standing there . A look of pain came into his face.

Long gone are those days when young boys and girls journey through college with a certain of relaxation. Even the days of good transcripts for a better law or medical firm sake seem to be surplus. “We just need experienced persons !” It sounds like a commercial slogan , spoken loudly , especially by those worldly bosses. But when thousands of young French people demonstrated against the so-called “ First Employment Contract ”, it caused another big “ human resource earthquake”again . Now seemingly everything is calm because of the French Government’s compromise , but problems are still there . Because some bosses can find other ways to fire young employees , which is something out of Labor Law . Why are younger persons facing the difficulty?

The reasons are complex… The most important one is that, for those newly established companies they are in an urgent need of experienced persons to help them to grow larger. Specially for those well-developed and traditional industries , bosses take it for granted that it is a kind of waste of money and time on young employees , because when they accumulate a lot they will leave and look for other bigger companies. What they can get from the young is limited , in their words, “We just provide the young chances to learn rather than get returns !” That problem may not be the same everywhere but exist extensively. Experienced persons, with their years of knowledge, they can take their responsibilities in a very short time, which is what companies expect exactly! They need not worry about another extra investment , which might have been given by other bosses. For these new takers experienced employees help them save a lot.

So there is no easy way out for the young? The answer is clearly. It would be better for the young to find good chances if they stop complaining “why is there so much suffering?” To them they have many merits: enthusiastic, imaginative, fearless, aggressive ,etc. All those virtues make the young acquire success easily. In fact they are indeed shiny diamonds which make every young man feel proud . That is the reason why those wise bosses could succeed. They find these treasures of young people and make a good use of them! In those industries we can call “rising sun ”young men are given lots of opportunities and enough spaces . Specially for those high-tech industries young employees well-educated play big roles , their less experiences are offset by talents and hard-working. Thus you can also be someone important as long as you are industrial and do not let your mind become rusty.

Additionally , we are glad to find there is a trend that no more distinct differences in ages. Hardly to mark a line and there is no need . More and more famous companies build their human resources programs so that the young can be trained well and fling themselves into new businesses quickly. Just like some large-scaled productive factories, they have set series of systems of training and assessment , which facilitates the progress and growth of the young. Except for that, we find this young symbol springing up in many fields , advertisements , marketing , IT , education, films and so on . You can also find young people working everywhere .

Generally speaking, nowadays due to fierce competitions companies would like to exploit each person’s potentiality . After all , who does not come from his youth? Why not give chances to the young?

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Hi, Alan:
Many thanks for your careful corrections . Appreciate your hard work!
I am not good at wordbuilding . I wonder whether there is a subject about it , specially the compound word’s changes in syntactical functions. For example, well-educated can be used as an adj. How many wordbuliding ways in english? Thanks a lot if it won’t take you much time!