TOEFL Essay Sample: Eating at home and at restaurant or food stand.

topic 13: Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurant. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Whch do you prefer?

I relize that, my Enlish is not good. My essay must have some mistakes. Pls, rate my essay.

Home and restaurant are both good place for eating food. Preparing food at home take time, but it is cheaper than eating at restaurant. In my opinion, I prefer to eat food at restaurant than at home.

It is impossible for me to cook every thing my family and I want. I am not good at cooking. I can prepare some simple dishes for daily meal, for example, boiled dishes. There have been times some thing was burned or overdone because of my fault. My mother has screamed and advised me many times.

Going out for meal is interesting. Restaurant is a perfect place for a meeting and flirting, so it is best choice. There are many style type restaurants with daily special meal, such as, Chinese Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, or classical restaurant, model restaurant, countryside restaurant. Eating food is not only aim of the going out, living in the environment of the restaurant is too.

Eating food at restaurant can save time. Preparing food and clean all dishes after the meal take a long time. In Vietnam, the women have responsible of doing these; they will have more time for other if it is unnecessary to prepare food and clean dishes.

As a family, it is necessary to have meal at home sometime. It is good for relationship between each member of family. In consequently, except most of time having food at restaurant or stand, there should have meal at home.

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