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Recently, in China mainland almost every media are tracking and talking about a female’s life. This female is Wang Fei, who is a famous singer in China and Hong Kong. Her delivery is closing day by day. Then, there
are a lot of journalists who keep eyes on her and take shots of her. In our life, however, I think there have more important things that we should pay attention than a celebrity’s life. As far as I am concerned, media should not focus on the personal lives of famous persons, they should pay more attention on the other meaningful things which improve our life, such as weather report, and street construction. I hold this view for several important reasons. I will explain in this essay.

First of all, media, such as television, newspapers and magazine, should reflect our society, including life, nature and social problem, not just a certain people’s life. Our society is composed of person, nature and human activities. Also, some problems, which are relevant with our life, should attract attentions. For example, reporting
weather, traffic information and air-polluted situations frequently has more meaning than focusing on a personal life. Because by doing so, we can keep away from difficulties in our routine life, and our society can run more efficiently. Having informed the storms arrival, we can take a good preparation, like moving to a safe place and storing food; having imparted the traffic jam as soon as possible, we can circumvent the jam; having noticed the air-polluted atmosphere, patients can choose to stay in door and away from the allergic substance. In these cases, broadcasting or reporting the information, which relates to people’s lives, are more attracting. As a result, the media
are more welcomed by the audiences or readers for their worthy information.

Secondly, celebrities are human too, and they desire to live a normal life, like us. Too many attentions from
media, audiences and readers will disturb them, or even bring danger to them. A good example is not far from Diana, who is the previous Princess of British. Also she is a beautiful lady, charming and elegant. One night, she had a car accident and passed away in it. It was said that at that time, she was trying to get rid of the journalists who followed her and made her uncomfortable. From this case, we can imagine, if the same situations happen to ourselves: whatever we say will be published on the second day; whatever we do will be exposed to the public instantly online; our families and friends, who just like a normal life ,
their lives will be exposed everyone in the world; in this life, we have no privacy, because as a public person, a celebrity, we have been exhibited to any one who sometimes are interested in us, and talk about us just for fun. Obviously, we will feel stuffy and pressure. So I suggest that the media should respect the famous people and give them free air and safe feeling. And for those journalists who enjoy detecting the celebrities lives, they should put their feet in those celebrities’ shoes.

From the statements I mentioned before, it is clearly to get the conclusion that media should not focus on the personal lives of famous figures. According to analysis above, If these media provide us with more information to improve our efficient society, and if they respect persons’ privacy, they will be more welcomed by audiences and readers.

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