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I totally agree that telephone and email has made people’s communication less personal, since they are invented in our life. In recent years, the cost of making phone calls and surfing on internet reduced dramatically, and more and more people enjoy using them when contacting with friends or folks. Nevertheless, we should confess that as a result, telephone and email bring people less personal.

First of all, telephone provides people convenient contact. People can make a phone call to say hello to their friends at any time and any where. Compared to talking face-to-face and posting usual mail, telephone, especially cell phone, break the limitation of time and location for communication. If the people want to contact with one another, they neither need to take a trip to meet friend nor go to post office to send a mail. They could just sit at home and make a phone call. In this sense, the more people talk with one another, the less personally they communicate. As far as I am concerned, I prefer the convenient, efficient way to contact with others. For example, I and my classmates often use cell phones to contact with one another since we graduated from university, though we live in the same city. We can talk everything on telephone and our conversations last from one minute to half an hour or even longer, but we never have met together for almost two years because of this easy communication way and our nature, lazy.

The other popular method of communication is via sending email in our modern life. Email is one of by-products of internet since 1990s. From the first day of its presence, it offers people another option to deliver information. We can transfer messages, documents, images, voice and even video to others in a minute by clicking the button on a keyboard. That is why nowadays it is so popular in our life that more and more people turn to use it to contact with people. Even in traditional holiday when we are supposed to reunion, like Spring Festival, some of us do not take a long trip to do so. Instead, they choose to send greeting cards to their families and friends with their sounds or pictures. In this respect, email also make communication less personal.

From the reasons I mentioned above, I strongly believe that telephone and email have made communication less personal in out life. Telephone and email bring us convenient life, but they also make us less personal contact. We often miss the wonderful time that we have talked face-to-face and seen in the eyes. I hope this situation will be improved in the future.

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