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Computers have changed the way we are living for ever. Every person in this planet should have the skill of dealing with computers because they have come with unbelievable features and functions. They do a work faster than any human by programming the desired work and let it be done by computers, facilitate the educational process by presenting and finding information clearly and rapidly.

Computers do works faster, more efficiently than humans. For example, instead of inputting one set of data in an equation each time and solving this equation in about 5 to 10 minutes using pencil and paper, you can program the equation, in another word, identify the equation in your computer or your programming calculator such as the amazing Texas Instruments Calculator which is by the way the best product ever made in Texas, and easily you can enter 1000 set of data and let it be solved in an incredible amount of time of less than a nanosecond.

The teaching means have been easier with the help of computers and many universities are building smart classes equipped with computers and electronic board. Pictures and information are now presented easily and clearly using high technology means. For example, I remember when I was in high school that I had difficulties in understanding 3 dimensional vectors in math classes since teachers used to draw them in a 2 dimensional elementary black board by bad French chalks. While nowadays in colleges, professors use high quality drawing software such as 3 D Max to present such vectors on computers screen and projectors. And so these vectors are no longer complicated and they are easily absorbed.

When using internet which is of course one application of computers, searching and getting information are no easier and faster. For example, I was assigned a research paper about preserving Alaska wilderness and when I started my research in the national library I was shocked because I did not find any book talking about the topic. Later, a friend of mine advised me to use the internet for my research. And doing so, I found hundreds of webpages each of them is specialized in each different aspects of the topic.

There is no exasuration when we said that computer is the greatest invention ever made in the history. They are more efficient and faster than humans and presenting and finding information conveniently. Sooner or later, computers will be the most important thing in every human’s life.

TOEFL listening discussions: Two seminar classmates discussing their classwork

Hi Sultan,


Learning is a difficult task no doubt everyone experiences it before,whether at school in early age or at college and university when we are grown up .Further more, what are the things ,skills,and goals ,we are looking for to achieve and the time limited for these tasks to be done.It is a very important to know ,learning new thing needs effort and plenty of time .For example learning a new language ,it is going to take many hours for months to practiced the new tasks such as listening,reading ,speaking and writing.
I do not agree with the statement above ,I am going to discuss the reasons,
teaching always related to the teacher, that what is the teacher for simpled and explains the tasks in professional ways and keeping things interesting with enthusiasms ,with believing in the pupils /students , they will believe in themselves,that is the golden key to open all the doors to learn.
,you would not feel your like forcing yourself to learn and without any app-ligation to it will just come naturally learning through your involving in the classes with little