TOEFL essay sample: Actions speak louder than words

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Actions speak louder than words
Use specific reasons to support your response

In modern life, making good speeches is a very important skill. Everyone should not only talk well, but they should also know how to do what was said. Words are good for us to make businesses, but after all, what takes the first place will always be actions. In mu opinion, the result comes from what we do, not what we say. Nowadays, communication especially speaking with other people plays an important role in the success of one’s career or life. But words without actions are nothing. So I agree with the statement “Actions speak louder than words.” For example: “Don’t tell me how to do this, show me.”
I definitely believe that actions speak louder than words because when a person do something, everybody who is around will judge the results of the action and will connect the action to the person who did it. Everyone can say everything they want. However, the ability of doing those things varies from one to one. In other words, speaking is much easier than doing. Some people always say that they can do everything but they do not really carry out anything at last. Just by words, we can draw up wonderful plans, but these very plans will lead us to nothing if we don’t have necessary actions. It is said that “if you want to go a thousand miles you have to take the first step” moreover, people usually evaluate a person by actions not by words. Words only become valuable when they go hand in hand with actions. Actions are the factor that makes a person be his own character.
To sum up, I think actions make a person different from others. So we should think carefully before saying anything to consider whether we do it or not. If not, we cannot make others count on us and so we might loss many important things in life. Eventually, words are nothing more than a candle in the wind. On the other hand, our actions, the ones that truly define who we are, are the most likely to be those that would last through the test time.


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I would like to add this –

Words are powerful enough to summon the actions. And they could be inspirational enough to bring about a sea change. Politicians and leaders are oftentimes judged by the words they choose. And for a poet or a writer, words are a life.

a sea of change?

a way of life?

I am sure about ‘a sea change’ :slight_smile:

But not about ‘words are a life’ :frowning: