Toefl essay sample: A teacher's ability for teaching

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A teacher’s ability to relate well with students is more important than to give them knowledge. Do you agree or disagee with this idea.

Some people are thinking the teacher should have enough abilities to give the better lesson for their students, but I believe the fact that the teacher can affect students with the other important parts too.

First, students need to learn not only general knowledges but also a valueable life lesson from their teachers. There are many materials if you just want to get the some informatin in speicific area. Even your teacher can not give you all tips what you need, you can receive more important life lesson from them.

Secondly, as time changes fastly, the needed knowledge also add day by day. With this fact, your teacher can not make satisfied you when you request them to know all new skills. However they can support you with their intelligence from old experiences and give you a lot of help.

Thirdly, If the teacher try to give you just good lessons without affection, you can not understand very well. I believe humanbeings can exchange together their emotions. From this emotion exchages, the students can more understand the teachers’ lesson.

Even some parents and students are still thinking that the teachers’ ability for teaching skill is more important than their personality and enthuisim for teaching, but I strongly beleive the teacher and the students relationship can not be limitied by just a study area.

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