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today our life has become very stressful and workloded so we really need some kind of recreational activities through which we can make our life somewhat stressfree. there are different kind of recreational activities, choice of which depends on individual as every one has different choices, like playing sports or admiring nature by painting. There are indefinite advantages of such activities.

sports is a very good way of recreation and also improtant in our life. playing sports is benneficial for our health and gives soothing effect to our mind. we feel very energetic, relaxed and well fit. Usually, we play in a team which improves our communication skills and also helps to develop social relations with other people. it also help to sharpan our mind and increase our knowledge.

Art is a creation in which we can express our feelings. however, it is not possible for everyone to reveal their feelings through art instead they can enjoy arts by famous artists. we have art museums almost in each city, we can enjoy art in those museums. seeing art or creating it, is a very effective way to relieve our stress. it also gives us a piece of mind. I really belive that through art we appreciat natural beauty.

lastely, sports as well as art are good recreational activities which, indeed, we need in our life. eventhough both are beneficial to us i would like to cop up with my stress through sports because as i mentioned above there are few people who are able to creat an art, others just enjoy it by watching and i come under the second catagory people.

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