TOEFL Essay: Playing a game is fun only when you win

Despite the fact that nowadays many people achieve satisfaction from a game only if they win, I think that a recreation must be played for the pleasure that it brings itself. It’s true that overcoming the others in a game is better, than being defeated, because victory makes you feel better than the others with whom you play, and also raises your self-confidence. Nevertheless, my opinion is that, we must enjoy the game no matter if we win or lose, we must simply enjoy the interaction with other people that occurs in these moments.
→ Actually, self-confidence could be both plus and minus. If we have too much of it – we will not be able to interact freely with people, because we’ll reckon ourselves as better than them. And – having the desire to always win, means that we don’t respect or appreciate the people, but we want to be ahead of them, better than them. That’s why always winning is not good for us – it alienate us from the others.
→ But humans are social creatures, and as a social creatures we don’t want to be estranged from the others. And playing a game brings us together, that’s why we must be happy of the enjoyment that the activity brings, collecting us together. Plus, when we don’t play for the win, we interact more with the others and therefore we can find new friends, comrades and even a girlfriend, while if we want to win – we neglect the others. Thus, I had a friend who was maniacal about being better than his fellows, and I can say by personal experience, that when we got older, people started to flee from him, because he was always comparing himself with the others
→ Having in mind these reasons and example I disagree with the statement that game is fun only when you win, some folks may do it – but it’s their own decision and it shapes their personality in very alienated from the community way.

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I disagree that games r only to be played for wining.In my opinion games r there for entertaining us n not for competing.

One of the reasons I would say that one should not always expect to win while playing . This is because the sole purpose of games is interaction with different people and in that case u always want to be on the top people would start judging u it would make u look more rude and selfish.This in turn spoils the fun of playing a game

Futhermore I would like to add is relationships would be tested if u act more greedy and desperate to win .Friends would not like to invite u since u act too eager to win rather than spending quality time with them.Games have always been a way of hanging on with friends on weekends ur behaviour would force ur friends to think about calling u over.

Finally i would say participation is better than wining . Playing together with family n friends will teach u skills to improve in the game
this can drive u to win therefore participating again n again would make u win and not vice versa.

In my conclusion,i would say playing just for wining is not important but having fun is important n getting entertained is a wat the
game is all about.

pls evaluate this essay too n give ur opinion thnx