TOEFL essay: Physical exercise should be a required part of every school day

I am for physical exercise that should be a required part of every school day. Physical exercise means good health for pupils during the whole day and even the whole life. Physical exercise helps us to have good muscles and to be fit too. If a person does physical exercise systematically and regularly, it will be easy for him/her to learn new material, to gain new knowledge, to be better than s/he is.

I can give you example from my own experience since I changed three schools during my school education because of different private reasons. Different schools have different approaches concerning physical exercise. In two of them we had physical training lessons twice a week, and not all of them were in the morning. But in my favourite school besides these two regular physical trainings, we had physical exercise for 15 minutes every morning before lessons. All pupils from our school gathered near the school on the school play ground if the weather was fine and had meeting for 5 minutes that was dedicated for school’s news and after that we had physical exercise. In case of bad weather we had such meeting in our gym. It started at 8 AM. Sometimes we came there and were a bit sleepy and not ready to study since it was really very early. But that morning exercise helped us to wake up, to become energetic, to be ready to study, to be attentive and even to be healthy. After that physical exercise our lessons were more productive.

And personally I believe that physical training, going to bed on time, having a rest and good nutrition can help us to be healthy and more productive. There are even are some sayings related to that:
“An apple a day keeps a doctor away”, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes man healthy, wealthy and wise”

Bringing my composition to a conclusion I would like to emphasize and ask you to make yourself do physical trainings every day in the morning and your feeling will become perfect.
Be healthy.

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Physical exercise is very important for all of us. It has a lot of benefits like it makes our body healthy by releasing all the toxins that we have. Aside from that, it makes everyone of us feeling very strong because it facilitates in the release of our internal energy. It is also very helpful in releasing the stress that we have thereby making us more relax and more concentrated on the things or activities that we will do. Most importantly physical exercise helps us to have a better understanding of our body which helps in making us confident and feel good about it.
Because of this benefits I believe that physical exercise should be part of not only everyday school but for everyday life. It really helps us in our everyday performance. so, everyone should realize its importance and should start having physical exercise.