toefl essay@People holding different views cannot achieve success as team.

Nowadays, a lot of works are completed in teams, and teamwork is a key factor which lead success. Opinions vary from one person to another when talk about whether people holding different views can achieve success as a team. Some people tend to support the idea that a team with people having different views would be successful on account that when people come together as a team, different thoughts may generate new ideas. But it is the majority of the public that don’t think so. Coincide with most people is my heartfelt agreement with the idea that people having different ideas may cause lots of difficulties, which prevent the team being successful.

When people argue that people holding different views may lead to success, isn’t it necessary for them to give some consideration to the fact it spends too much time to persuade the member who gains a different thought, which is not efficient. Needless to say, in modern society, efficiency plays an important role in the way to success. Also, make full use of limited time is the most useful way to improve efficiency. Taking myself for example, I took a commercial competition two years ago, and I failed the competition just because my team members couldn’t get an agreement in the limited time.

Also, it is an indisputable fact that when people have different ideas about something, it is more difficult for them to communicate with each other. According to a survey held by a website called Phoenix Net, more than 60% people admit that they have difficulty in solving problems with people who are against their ideas. Besides, our society abounds examples having proved the idea above, for instance, I always contact with friends about the issue where to have dinner, and we always insist on our ideas. As a result, we couldn’t make a deal.

Prior the view that people hold different views may help team become successful are those people who hold the opinion that when people have different ideas, it is more likely for them to come up with a new solution which is better than previous one. It sounds reasonable and understandable that if a team have enough time, different views in a team may generate new ideas. But as talked above, time is very important in the way to success in the modern society.

Considerable though benefits brought by different views in a team are, it means nothing when time and the difficulty of communicating are taken into consideration. As I have discussed above, I firmly disagree the view that people hold different views may achieve success in modern society. As far as I concerned, a team consist of similar team member is more likely to achieve success, for they usually have identical views.

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