TOEFL essay: People attend college or university for...

People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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People go to university and university for many reasons, but I think that the most important ones leading to the attendance stems from demands of people in a civilized society, the demands for knowledge and communication as well, or in other words, basic things for their future career.
At fisrt, it is impossible not to mention the role of knowledge in attracting people to college. Where else could people attain required knowledge and expertise for their future jobs if not college and university ? Furthermore, it also make people’s life more colorful and meaningful. It should be admitted a reality that there are many people even needn’t to go to university or college but can still live very well.

However, if a person wants to achieve success and wealthy, people’s legitimate desire, he should attend university. With a qualification or a diploma of a renowned college or university, it is certainly much easier for him to make promotion in his work. In short, college and university provide people with neccesary knowledge so that they could be well- prepared before embarking on their path of life.
In addition, it is impossible to deny another no-less-important factor contributing to the cause of university attendance, that is people’s need for communication. Needless to say, human especially the young cannot live without communicating with community, particularly their peers. And college is the best place for them to make friends with each other to enjoy their life together. Also this could help students to train their interpersonal skills in communication and to create relations for their future business. It is a vital part of today’s highly integrated society, while the correlation among people has become closer than ever before. From the above facts, the college’s fuction as a small community for students before they open the door to the large community has emerged clearly.

To sum up, college and university attendance provides people with many undeniable benefits for their mental life as well as their current or later career. Therefore, it is possible to say without exaggeration that the more civilizied socitety is, the more the university and college attendance rate is.

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