TOEFL essay: Our planet is harmed by human activity...

The mark of human activities is indelible from the planet earth. I believe that our beautiful planet is being destroyed by us . Harmful activities all around the globe r a major problem which we face today and needs urgent attention .

One of the biggest problems faced today is inadvertent rise in temperatures and climate change.Increase in the levels of green house gases like carbon dioxide and methane r thought to be the culprits for this sudden change. These gases are waste products of industries and manufactures across continents.

Another alarming problem faced by humankind is destruction of forests.Cutting down trees for building concrete jungles is unbalancing the ecosystem. There is an all time decline of wildlife by this activity.Some of the species of animals which were common a decade ago r longer in existence.

Finally the mother of all problems is pollution . Most common reason attributed to pollution is emmision by vehicles.The number of cars and bikes is on the rise all over the world as income as risen effectiviley over the years and more n more people r opting to buy vehicles.

In my conclusion i would like to say that we have only one planet where life exists and that is our beloved planet earth lets not erase our own existence by our activities.

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