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When students move to New school, they sometime face problems. How can schools help these students with their problems? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

Moving from one school to another is like changing your niche and the famous rule of ‘Survival of the fittest’ could be applied. To learn something from a school and for better future prospective it is necessary for a student to adapt in the environment of the new school. But to ease such problems, a school also plays an important role to help these new students. In the following, I will discuss about some suggestions.

First problem that a new student has to face is to make new friends. Some students are shy who are not able to talk with new people. Due to this, it becomes hard for such students to make new students. Old students have their own friends, so they are also not too keen to know about the new student. For this problem, a school staff can play an important role. When a new student joins, he/ she could be introduced with the other students during morning assembly. A teacher can also introduce the new students to the class. This will result in the interaction among old students and the new comer.

Second problem that a new student might have to face is accommodation. Sometimes students come from far places and they do not know anybody in the town where the school is located in. In such cases, it becomes very hard for a student to find an accommodation for himself/ herself. Schools can ease this problem by helping the new students to get an accommodation. This could be done by providing them dormitories, hostels etc. If a school itself does not have accommodation facility then help desk could be made from where the students can get the information about the various available accommodations in the town.

Third problem that a student may have to face is the interaction with his/ her teacher. A new student may hesitate to discuss his/ her problem with the teacher because he/ she might fear about the reaction of the teacher. To ease this problem, teacher should have compassionate behavior. They should ask the new student if he/ she have any problem. Time to time counseling sessions should be there so that students can better interact with their teachers.

Thus, by considering all the above mentioned problems that a new student may have to face in new school and the possible solutions, we can say that a school could play an important role to ease the various problems of new students.

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