TOEFL essay: Nowadays people put too much emphasis on personal appearance...

Nowadays people put too much emphasis on personal appearance and fashion.

It would not be an understatement to say that it would be impossible to survive in the contemporary world without an attractive appearance and fashion sense. This is because many people judge each other according to their external beauty instead of internal worth. It may seem unfair but it is how the society works. Therefore, numerous individuals spend thousands of dollars until the point of bankruptcy.

The most infamous example of people taking ridiculous risks to enhance their appearance is plastic surgery. Of course, due to the improvement of technology and medical methods, it has become safer and more popular to go through plastic surgeries. However, the danger of doing so still exists. Most people are not well educated about the consequences and possibilities of plastic surgeries going wrong. The consequences are permanent scars, paralyzing, and even death. Just because of their wants for personal appearance, many people jeopardize their lives to go through plastic surgeries.

Clothing used to be strictly limited to the means of basic needs. As long as they were not bare naked, it did not matter so much to people. However, as the society gained significant improvement on its economy and financial situations, clothing has become an obsession. Nowadays, it seems as if it has become mandatory to keep up with the latest trend. The results are outrageous. Shoppaholics now abound. They spend more and more money on clothes until it gets out of hand. They eventually end up ignoring their financial status and hitting bankruptcy. The over-exaggeration of appearance and fashion has resulted in many broke people.

Media is the key factor contributing to people’s insane need to unattainable ideals of beauty. Their emphasis on beautiful models and celebrities has triggered the society’s dedicated desire to achieve the external beauty models and celebrities have. Sometimes, these determined individuals undergo harsh and dangerous diets and often end up with weakened health. People with less attractive appearances feel unparallel and are pressured with an obsession to achieve such features.

People are willing to give up important things to enhance their appearance and mindlessly follow fashion. It seems ridiculous that people are putting so much emphasis on their personal appearance and fashion. Nevertheless, people sacrifice their dignity, self-confidence, and even sanity to acquire stunning looks.

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