TOEFL essay: Learning about the past has no value for those of us

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When it comes to whether Learning about the past has no value for those of us living in the present, there are various responses. As far as I’m concerned, I disagree with this statement. We can learn a lot from the past, no matter the history or the science theory.

Firstly, there are always general principles that are true and practical no matter what time is it. Take gravity theory for example, it was discovered hundreds years ago, but People living in the present take full use of this theory more ever than before.Such as flights taking passenger travel all around the world and warter engery used for electricity generated.People living in the present should never forget how this was discovered.It will sooner or later induce more marvelous findings in history.

Secondly, learning the past will benefit the way people living in the present dealing with things. Especially the failure example, we could learn lots of lessons from the past. After analyzing the circumstance, the results, especially the failure course, it will give some hint for us living in the present to avoid the same failure. What’s more, it can accelerate our process based on the past batabase.If one kind of medicine seems have good influence on the certain seriouse disease, but it contains a toxin that have bad influence on people with other symptons.If we know this conclusion already, we don’t need to bother to waste time to make furthure research .

Thirdly,Learning about the past get us familiar with ourselves,our nation, and our globe. Learning the past, we are pride of our prosperity in Tang dinasty. We are determined our people chould do better tommorrow, because we have smart inherit from our ancestor. Learning the past, we get realized the glabal environment is seriouly destroyed and it is speeding up. It enable us to take action immediately to protect ourselves and our earth.

All in all, learning about the past has tremendous value for those of us living in the present , no matter the positive ones or the negative ones.No matter we take use of it or we learn from a lesson,we should learn about the past.

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