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TOEFL Essay: Inventions such as eyeglasses and the sewing machine have had an important effect on our lives. Choose another invention that you think is important. Give specific reasons for your choice.

Since the beginnings of the development of science in the Renaissance, there have been a lot of new useful things invented. All those inventions have played a very important role in society. Still, I think that one of the most important inventions ever is e-mail. E-mail has made our lives easier as it is both fast and cheap.

First, sending an e-mail is faster than by mail. The recipient will get your message a couple of seconds after you have sent it. In addition, even the distance between you and the recipient will not be a hurdle for fast service, as it does not matter whether you are sending your message to your neighbor or to somebody who lives at another part of the world.

Second, sending an e-mail is also by far cheaper than sending a letter via mail. You do not have to write on a sheet of paper, use your ink, buy a stamp and an envelope sending an e-mail. Therefore, you will save a lot of money sending an e-mail instead of a letter via mail.

Taking into account these two characteristics of e-mail mentioned above, it can be inferred that e-mail is one of the most significant inventions, as it saves a lot of trouble.

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Dear translatinga!
I guess we both are somewhere near the lower boundary, that is a score of 5.
But from my experience this writing is closer to 4 than to 5.
Structure and word choice are excellent, but isn’t the main short? + not very convincing and bright evidences.

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Essay raters shouldn’t take into account the strengths of the examples, as it is on GRE General, but, we understand that essays are rated by people who can like or dislike :slight_smile:
Concerning your essay, I may prefer phone to e-mail, that is actually the case :wink:

“From my experience”… Have you taken TOEFL before? This will be my first time…:))