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TOEFL essay: Inventions such as eyeglasses and the sewing machine have had an important effect on our lives. Choose another invention that you think is important. Give specific reasons for your choice.

As science has advanced since the Renaissance, a lot of useful inventions have been made. Though, I find telephone one of the most significant inventions of mankind. People are able now to contact each other more easily and by far faster than it was before telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1892.

First, you can speak with another person even if a huge distance may be between you. How else could you speak with someone if you are in the United States, for instance, and the person you are talking to is in another part of the world, such as India?

Moreover, due to telephone conversation, you are able to perceive another person’s attitude. It is possible only because you hear the voice and intonation of your interlocutor, which points to his real feelings and thoughts.

Another reason why telephone is such a great invention is that you can reach another person as fast as possible. This is extremely important in case when you have something urgent to tell you interlocutor. For instance, if you or somebody else is bad health and need to contact a doctor as fast as possible, you will not send a letter to his house. Therefore, telephone can also save your life!

Taking into account these characteristics of telephone mentioned above, it can be inferred that it is one of the most significant inventions, as it saves a lot of trouble and can be the only fastest means of contacting other people when it is extremely urgent.

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