Toefl Essay: important pieces of advice that you would give

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Essay Topic:
Travelling to a different country can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time. What are the most important pieces of advice that you would give visitors to your country. Give reasons and details to support your response.

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In our world, in each and every country there are many historical places and places of natural beauty, which attract the people very much. And for a change people want to visit these places. During their travel they find many problems, that’s why they get exhausted and frustrated and do not want to do travel again.

I would like to say if anybody comes in our country, it’s our duty to ensure that when they go back they say it was a good country to visit and the people were also good, helping and polite. It was said in ancient time “God can also come as a Guest”. Therefore, ancient people respected their guest as God. If any visitor comes in our country and wants some idea of the country it should be our duty to tell each and every aspect of country in an easy way. If any thing can be beneficial for the visitors we should told them. For example; if any extra discount for visitors which is going on or any facility for accommodation and travel. Because “first impression is the last impression” therefore, if anyone comes in our country and wants some help from our side we should help them. The most important advice according in my view is, if we meet a visitor and he or she wants some help we should offer it. It will also be good if we can give the map of the city where the visitor wants to visit. We should also tell about the good things of our country like good shopping malls, famous historical places and the places of natural beauty. If we give synchronised information, travellers will not get exhausted to find these things. I would also like to tell connections of local trains and buses. Importantly I would like to advise the visitors about the weather. This is because visitors do not have any idea of the weather. The number of visitors depends on the behaviour of their citizens. If people are good then many visitors will want to come, other wise no one will like to come. Nowadays visitors want a relaxing travel. If they get exhausted and nobody helps them, they will not come again.

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