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Varanasi, the holy city in india is well known in whole world. Every tourist who comes to india always make sure that he/she visits Varanasi. But there is one things which I would like to change out of many and that is, water pollution at the river ganges.

Water pollution is known to all of us today and only we are responsible for making this world a better place to live. River Ganges is considered the holy river in India and most of the local population take bath, clean clothes, throw wastes and even get sewer outlet in the river. This not only makes the river look dirty, but even gives birth to many medical problems.

Indian government has been contributing a lot of resources to keep the city and the river clean, but even then the local people dont really follow the law and keep treating the river the way their ancestors used to.

Many Non profit organisations have been working to make people aware how this pollution would affect them in years to come. Progress can be seen but its slow.

In conclusion, I hope to see changes for river ganges in coming years and I wish more tourist should come to India and experience the magic with every sunrise and sunset at River Ganges at Varanasi.

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