TOEFL essay: Good qualities of a good child

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What are the qualities of a good son or daughter? Have these qualities changed or remained the same over time in your culture? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In my opinion the main qualities of a good child lay in the relationship between the parents and their child and in its self-dependence. In the following paragraphs I will mention some reasons as to why I believe this and how the expectations of the parents to their children have developed over time.

At first I would like to say that the relation between parents and children are very important at this issue. I believe this because the parents usually spend a lot of energy and money to support their children and to give them the opportunity to find their own way. That is a manner that the children should appreciate, which they should show through their behaviour to their parents.

Another property a good child should have is the ability to look after itself. This should be fulfilled in the financial as well as in the social way. Thus the children are independent from their parents. Furthermore the parents don’t have to worry about their child.

Comparing to ancient times the qualities of a good child have not changed a lot. It was always important to show the parents respect and to become independent. However, maybe in the aspect of the role of a good daughter the point of view changed. In former time a good daughter had to be a good wife and a good mother to make her parents proud. Moreover, she had enough time to cook for her family and to take care of her children. Today this changed, it is not anymore expected by all parents that their daughter has a family. It gets more and more important that she has her own job and is financial independent of her husband, if she had one. Furthermore children are not anymore in the picture of a good daughter.

In conclusion, in my opinion the main properties of a good child have not changed a lot. The most important qualities are and were a good relationship between child and parents and the independence of the child. But looking on the role of the women, the expectations for a good daughter have changed. Nowadays, it is more important for a woman to be able to look after herself than to have a family for being a good daughter.

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