toefl® essay: foreign language instruction should begin inn kindergarten

In line with the globalization, foreign language is very crucial in term of the trade field, exchanging cultures among countries,etc especially English as international language. Generally, learning foreign language is considered as a way of building bridges to nation’s success in today’s integrated and interdependent world economy. Accordingly, I think that children should learn foreign language as soon as they start in school,especially in kindergarten.

First of all, according to scientists, children in the age of studying in kindergarten are very clear of mine, easy to learn new things and imitate foreign people’s voice. These are very useful in learning foreign language. As a result of this will lead to their pronunciation like native speakers when they grow up.

In addition, if children stat to learn foreign language in kindergarten, they will have a plenty of time to practice and become more fluency. In fact, the popularity of using the Internet, broadcasting foreign TV channels and expanding the tourism have given children much more a chance to practice with the time. Besides, adults tend to be afraid of making grammatical mistakes when they speak, therefore they have a tendency to ashamed to speak in public. But children do not worry about that, because they just repeat day by day words and sentences which they hear from their teachers and native speakers.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that it is necessary for children to begin learning at the early age. There are a lot of advantages for children to learn and then bring a lot of benefits when they grow up.

I would appreciate someone can help me to value how bad and good it is


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Good morning Jimmy. It isn’t bad, but you would surely benefit from reading English publications.
You can access them freely on-line.

Kitos. 6/10

Thanks so much, Kitos :wink: