TOEFL essay example: Would you prefer to live in a small town or a big city?

[color=red]hi teacher, this is my first essay. i hope it isnt too bad and expect the instruction from you. :smiley:

There are a lot of advantages in city which ensure my life both amount and quality. Therefore to me, living in a city is a right choice. The life in a big city is more much animate than a small town. The chalenging competitive enviroment there gets me more activitive, confident to prove my energy. If im lucky and able, i can have a good job with good work conditions because there are a large number of companies, corporations,businesses… in city. Good work conditions means i get the changes to have high salary, improve my site, develope my career. The money i earn in town isnt so much as in city. Moreover, a big city has enough everything which services people’s life: schools, banks, hospitals, bus, undergrounds, trade centers, convenient traffic… A small town cant have the best colleges or universities. A good education which brings back children brainpower is very important. Try to imagine if i were in a town and oneday i got appendicitis. My family take me to medical station where without needful tools and good doctors. It loses time for me to be moved to a hospital in city. im more dangerous. Due to the great living conditions of a big city, it is attractive everybody from other places and countries. I can contact with national and foreign people, even learning their good things. It helps me to extend my knowledge and relations. People should exchange culture, experience together. From there, they have right sight about their own life-style in order to delete its unsuitable things with recent life, keeping and developing nice values. It contributes to makes culture more flentiful and people’s life better. One of the most developed countries in asia is Singapore which has a multicultural society with citizens from India, China, Malay…Singapore is very pround of the culture created by many factors but it is special point only singapore has and attraction traveller go to this country. If i live in a big city, i will gain many things: good job, good services and good communications.

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