TOEFL essay example: Is people can't make decisions alone?

Topic is people can’t make decisions alone.
Well i agree,that some people cannot make decisions alone.Because,person must be bold enough to make decisions.A wrong decision can destroy everything a person bought for himself.
For example,a person want to start a business with money he saved from his life time hardwork,if the person fails to select eligible candidates or fails to get good project ,then he will loose everything he owned.
''A WISE DECISIONS MAKES A WISE MAN",so while making decisions one must think twice .An experienced person makes good decisions based on his own experience and knowledge.
Most of the adolescent students make wrong decisions because, of lack of experience and may be flattered by their peer-groups.So ,parental support must be needed for adolescents,and for kids.Kids who lead an independent life may take decisions by themselves because of his surroundings and life teaches him to make decisions.
For example,kids staying in foster homes make there own decisions because of lack of freinds ,relatives and also due to lack good rapport between them.
I personally feel like parents are the great teachers they will teach us the difference between good and bad.
A good decision gives us good life , while a bad decision may hurt many people and also can lead to great loss.
Well in my family, my parents usually consult many elderly people before taking any decision regarding business etc.
So my conclusion is, a good decision requires knowledge ,experience ,and good thinking.

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