TOEFL essay example: Choosing the difficult classes in college?

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Here is the topic:
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Choose the difficult or challenging classes in college or university though you cannot get a great grade.

Nowadays selectable classes which provide a chance for students to choose what they favor are commonplace in colleges. A hot debate also arises with it that whether or not should we choose the tough classes in which we may not get a excellent grade? Some who hold the opinion that scores come first claim that easy courses will bring us more practical benefit and should be optimum to be selected. In my viewpoint, classes with more challenges play an more considerable role in our study and life.

To begin with, we’d better make it clear that what indeed is the purpose of having classes in colleges or universities? Just for nice scores and a piece of diploma? that’s an obviously superficial view for that what we really need is the process of self-improving, not the form to verify. Though classes with more difficulties may not promise us a satisfying outcome, in the long run, if they can do us a favor by the gaining of knowledge and improving of skills which we probably won’t obtain without these courses, they should be chosen as well.

Secondly, we rejected the challenging classes for they are often associated with certain fields which are not familiar to us, a strict professor who urges high standard for students or tough work which consumes quantities of time. It’s natural for human beings to avoid trouble and go onto an undemanding way. But it’s exactly these things that elevate us to a higher level which we never reach before. The time we feel scared is just the chance for us to make up for our own shortcomings and perfect ourselves.

I remember once I doubted when I was confronted with a course named Introduction to Biology. Lots friends of mine suggested me to give up, saying this kind of science course is too difficult for us students in liberal art. However, I insisted on my own decision to study it and finally got a fairly good grade with my own hard work. Though it was not an effortless journey, I harvested with surprises of knowledge in a new subject during the process of study.

All in all, challenges or difficulties in classes does not inevitably mean that we cannot get a great score. It’s possible as long as we make an effort with the spirit of never give up. Even through the probability of getting an A is relatively smaller than others, they are still worthy for the spirits benefit attached to them.

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I want to know whether the centence " The time we feel scared is just the chance for us to make up for our own shortcomings and perfect ourselves. " is correct ?

or it should be " The time we feel scared is just the chance for us to make up for our own shortcomings and perfect ourselves. " ?