TOEFL essay: English tests like TOEFL for foriegn institutes necessary

English is an international language for communication .Over 100 nations speak english as their main language for education and business purposes.I believe there are many more important reasons that english tests been taken by students for study in foreign institutes.

One of the reasons i believe that a foriegn student should prove proficiency in english language because english is the medium of education in the foreign university.According to the academic setting students are required to understand lectures,take part in discussions and debates all requiring atleast basic understanding of english.

Another example would be, a student from foreign country will live in an english speaking country so his day to day life would involve interactions with native people.This makes even more harder for the student if he is not fluent in english.

Also many more things like entertaiment and surfing the net requires english.The internet is filled with information,lots of games n songs and much more but essentially the language used is english.So it becomes much harder to find information and getting entertained for the student.

Finally,Many students work part-time along with attending their classes to earn an extra buck.Jobs also require some knowledge about english to deal with customers ,using the computers for work etc.Business deals are usually done using english as the preffered language.

In my conclusion these tests like the Toefl are preparing us and giving the universities an oppourtunity to assess the students.

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