TOEFL essay: Do young people enjoy life better than old ones?

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As our life conditions are getting better, more and more people become more aware of the way to enjoy life. Many may discuss that young generations tend to be the ones that should and can enjoy a better life. As for me, I think it is better to consider it in a more general way, for old people and youngsters have their own way to enjoy life.

As the most active group of people in society, youngsters can easily get in touch with the updating world. They are more sensitive to the tiniest changes of what is around them and so they tend to be the first to adapt with them. Take the most heated technology — computer for example. As it first came into our life, who were the first and the most interested to respond? Youngsters. With their natural curiosity and a kind of special quality to crack difficulties, they made themselves into a brand new world. Similar to this, they always keep themselves updated to the latest world… With the help of internet, and other tools like the mobile phones or else, they enjoy a leading life that no one else can ever do.

In contrast, though old people are likely to be insensitive or even indifferent to what is new around us, they tend to enjoy life in a more traditional way. Drawing, growing plants, reading, chatting or even taking a walk inside the yard can make them feel that life is wonderful. My grandfather is just one of these people. He told me a million times how satisfied and ideal his life is especially when he helps my grandma with the meal or when he gets more ancient coins for his collection. You see, old people can enjoy their life in a easier way.

For me, it really doesn’t matter who can enjoy a better life. It only matters that we can and should live a happy life in different period of our life. Even though it’s not to be decided, we can still make it to the fullest.

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