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Do you prefer to learn a language in the own country or in the country in which it is spoken?

From my point of view, there is absolutely no doubt that it is more effective to learn a foreign language in the country where it is spoken. To me, there are no disadvantages of improving the language skills abroad, besides possible homesickness, rather than only advantages.

Firstly, most of the teacher and lecturer in Austria are no native speaker and as a result it is impossible to improve the pronunciation and in addition to that, sometimes also incorrect things are taught, because non-nativespeaker can not be sure about every little question concerning the use of, for instance English, in a comprehensive way. Although, more and more native speaker are teaching in my homecountry, especially at universities, within the last decades, there is no other way than going abroad to polish up the language skills.

Secondly, according to me, it is only possible to learn a foreign language in the country where it is spoken, because of the daily use. You may propably attend a language course in the forenoon, to enhance your grammar skills, but during the rest of the day, the language is used constantly to buy something in the supermarket, to order coffee, to read the newspaper or to get to know new people. This permanent speaking and reading, leads to an unbelievable improvement of the vocabulary and the pronounciation, within some weeks or months.

Finally, it is also no disadvantage to get to know the lifestile and behaviours of the citizens in the country, where the foreign language is spoken. Sometimes, expressions and slang words are easier to understand, when you know the history and problems of the country in a better way.

Summarizing, to me, there is no discussion where to learn a foreign language because of the arguments mentioned above, which in turn are also the cause why I am taking the Toefl test.

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