TOEFL essay: Build new factory near your community

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As a company has announced to build a large factory near my community, I am of the opinion that there will be more disadvantages than advantages that new factory can bring to community. I strongly oppose to the plan of a new large factory in my community. I am going to discuss the advantage and disadvantage of the plan.

When a large factory is built, it will bring my community some the advantage. A new factory will create the jobs for unemployment workers in my community. When workers can find the jobs, they earn the living by themselves. Therefore, the standard of living in my community will be improved. In addition, the local government will tax a new factory, and they can spend these taxes on infrastructures and other development. The advantages of new factory are to create more jobs, to improve the living standard of local people and to bring tax for local authority.

However, besides many benefits, a new large factory also has more disadvantages to my community. When new factory is built, it creates more jobs. Maybe many people in neighboring community will come to my community look for the jobs. As a result of this, the population in my community will increase. The community will be crowded, maybe causing many criminal troubles. Moreover, our environment will be threatened by a new factory such as air pollution, noises, and the like. The smoke from the factory may pollute the air. The water from the factory without purify may destroy the water resources of the community. These affect can be bad for the health of people in community. The majors disadvantage that new factory brings are to cause social trouble and to destroy the fresh environment of the community.

Taking into account all these factors, I find the disadvantage outweigh the advantage. Therefore, I strongly disagree with the establishment of a new large factory in near my community. I’d like a quite and fresh community.

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