TOEFL essay a day: Should teacher be kind or strict?

There is an old Chinese saying that goes; “Only under the lead of strict parents or teachers will children behave themselves and study hard.” It is a paramount belief of many parents and teachers. In ancient China, teachers even had the right to beat their students when they did not study hard or obey them.

Time past, this kind of conception and idea has totally reversed by exchanging teaching experience and knowledge with foreign countries. From my point of view, students will be more effective and willing to learn when they encounter patient and kind teachers.

Students, especially elementary pupils, are more prone to listen to those teachers who they like, and study hard on subjects taught by teachers they are fond of. For example, just like myself, I listened carefully on English classes in fundamental school, thanks to the beautiful and kind English teacher I had at that time. She was always patient on every questions I asked and kept smiling. I liked her a lot, so each English class, I behaved myself, and paid attention to every words she said, just to leave her a good impression on me. And I was very good at English subject that time, simply because I liked the teacher, which encouraged me to study hard.

It seems that students are afraid of strict and serious teachers, so they are lean to keep quite in the classes taught by those teachers. But they just keep quite, which does not mean that they listen or follow the teacher, and they may even do not think in class. That definitely does not do any good to lift up the efficiency of studying. Simply letting students obey the teachers is an old and past education style, which will just cultivate the youngs without independent thinking or any ideas about themselves.

To sum up, kind and patient teachers is the best choice for students, with whom students are more likely to study hard and behave themselves. Whilst, teachers who keep serious and strict will just bring us so-called “good students”.

Many many many thanks!!!

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Annie, your best essay to date.You should get good marks for essays of this calibre.


Hi Anniehal
Hope to hear from you even after passing the test.
we should keep learning.
I quite agree with Kitos.

Yes, I will!!
Hope one day my English could be good enough to help you revise the essays of others!

Hi Anniehal,

Thank you for your nice essays. I have read some of your essays, and I wish I could write nice essays as your.

Thanks for your compliment!
But there’s still a long way to go…
Otherwise it will be hard for me to understand the teachers in class.
Are you planning to study abroad?

Thank you for your reply.
No, I am not planning to study abroad. But I like English. The reason I study English is I want to read books, news and write essays in English.
Your essays make a strong impression on me about your ability of writing. Wish you the best. I agree with Richard. “Hope to hear from you even after passing the test. We should keep learning.”

sure!i will keep coming back!you know,it’s such a wonderful forum!!

Hi Anniehal,

Thank you. Yes, you are right about “it’s such a wonderful forum!!”
I have learned a lot from teachers and other students on this site.
Do you know what? This morning I started saving your essays and others’ essays by typing them. I think this can help me to learn English, both writing skill and grammar. My son, who is in class 4 has a dictation to develop his Vietnamese. I do same him with English because I think it is one of good ways to learn English. I try to take 3 new test and save from 2 to 3 essays every single day. What do you think about this?

By the way, I like the way you put quotes on your essays to support your main ideas. I do it sometimes, but my English is still very bad, and I don’t know many quotes.


You have a son now!He’s so lucky to have such a deligent mother!
I think that reading essays is useful, but it would be much better to read those written by native speakers. You know, I still make a lot of mistakes.

About quotes, I know some in Chinese, so just simply translate them into English.Sometimes, I still make by myself…for the sake of getting higher score,you know…
You are from vienam??In my mind, women there are really beautiful!!

Thank you Anniehal. Yes, you are right that reading essays is useful, especially reading those written by native speakers. I have been trying to read as much as I can.

Yes, I am from Vietnam.
In my point of view, everywhere has beautiful women. :slight_smile:



your sentence is not correct
on my mind
What do you have in mind?
in mind
through your mind’s eye.
Take Torsten(our Learning Coach) advice
and you can see: … p/post.htm … -view.html

from my point of view,…

from my point of view,…[/quote]

Thank you Richard very much for correcting my mistake. I remember it now, “from my point of view” not “in my point of view”.

From my point of view, you are a nice friend. I am happy to meet you here. :smiley:

Have a nice time!

you’re welcome Hoado.
I don’t make a suggestion for someone who would be upset with me. I felt you are eager to learn. you can make a suggestion or correct me whenever you feel the need to.
It’s kind of you to say that.

Thanks Richard!
From my point to,ESl is a really wonderful forum!!
On my mind, friends here are so kind,just like Richard! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

Richard read my new essey please…

Thank you a lot Richard. Please keep correcting my mistakes. I appreciate it very much. Actually I sometimes don’t know what I write is wrong or right. I often doubt about the words I use. It means I have to learn more and hard to learn the meanings of words and grammar. You know? I want to write essays and post them in the forum, but I think I should learn how to organize an essay first. So I have been reading and learning lessons about writing essays. What about you? What are you doing there?

Don’t forget to correct my mistakes if you find any in my message. Thank you.

Have a nice day!