Toefl April 10th

The scores are out for April 10th. I got 95, but unfortunaletly 23 in speaking and I need 24.

TOEFL listening lectures: Why is herring healthier for us than tuna?

I wanted to say “unfortunately”.

Hi, how did you prepare for speaking section. Any extra efforts u had? I’m not able to speak smoothly for task 1 of speaking.
How was your overall preparation? My TOEFL iBT is on 24th April. Please help me with this.


I tried to practice how much as I could.I record myself on PC and I tried to keep track of time. Give two reasons to support your answer.

Good luck on your test!

I tried to practice how much as I could.I record myself on PC and I tried to keep track of time. Give two reasons to support your answer.

Good luck on your test!

what about the writting section? How difficult was the essay and what is your score?! My test is in May…

I got only 21 in writing. It were not too difficult topics, but I had trouble with timing. I wanted to write how much as I could, so I didn’t have time to review.By typing fast, I think I did a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. I think is important to manage the time in order to have around 5 minutes for reviewing. This is my case.

Thank you, these are some helpful hints. Is the highest score for the test 120 points? In your opinion, what was the most complicated part of the test?

Hey me too!

unfortunately i wanted 79 and got 74 :frowning:


What is your byfurcation of score?
Split it with respect to each section.


Total 95:R-27, L-24, S-23, W-21.

Good luck for April 24th test tackers!

Hi Darcel,

Congratulation. These are really good. I want the same… How can I get such scores? My Listenning is poor and my Reading also very poor but I know that my speaking is good and writing is so so…

What I have to do? Please friend give me some advice regarding listenning an dReading section? Waiting… Maham

For Reading usually I try to read fast the whole passage and after I start to answer the questions.Some books advice to read only first sentence from each paragraph.I prefer to read in whole to have a better idea, but to not spend more than 2-3 minutes on reading the passage.

I do not have problem by listening to tv, so I think try to watch programs and movies in English how much as you could . When you take notes on listening section try to pay attention to what the speakers are talking , their intonations.

Hi fellows!
I’ve wrote the same about my situation on the other post. I’ve received a score of 72 preparing the test for 1 month but in November, I received a score of 80 without prepare anything. My question is: Can I send the first score (80/120) instead the second one to other institutions?

Hi Shagger,
I am sure you can sent the former score of 80. For more information, you can contact the school you are seeking to.

Cheers Nzuahp!!
I’m still asking me what the **** I did :frowning:

That is TOEFL IBT Shagger;
Sincerely speaking, there are sessions of the TOEFL that are easier than others. At times, the reading passages may fall within your area of study and you will surely do well. This goes the same with the other sections.
So, don’t be surprised that you prepared for a long time and score lower than you didn’t.