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agree or disagree: Students can benefit just as much from extracurricular activities as they can from attending class.

All parents want their children to become successful and make achievements. Some parents think their kids benefit from attending class more than extracurricular activities and thus they send their kids to different classes every day. However, in my opinion, I definitely think that participating in extracurricular activities can be as beneficial to a student as his or her academic experience.

First, students can get much insight about how to solve some problems in their lives from extracurricular activities such as watching movies. For example, some students do not like their majors and courses but they do not know what they can do in the future. Only having academic classes in school or finishing their assignment cannot provide students with solutions to their psychological problems. However, extracurricular activities such as watching movies can be helpful. When they see some jobs like hotel experiencer or food connoisseur, students may find surprisingly “Oh, there should exist so many different new jobs in this world! ” Thus, they may come up with some new ideas about their future lives and may not be that frustrated any longer. Another example is that they may just break up with their love and by studying in classes they can hardly get rid of their inner pain. However, watching a movie is a better choice than only studying since the young may learn from others’ experiences and know how other people tackle their relationship problems. Thus, they can try use other people’s ways to cheer them up and eventually they manage to move forward in love.

Second, in terms of relaxation and knowledge, participating outdoor activities such as hiking in a forest or climbing a mountain also benefits students more than attending class. Reading tens of books and answering hundreds of questions every day are so tiring and exhausting. Therefore, it is time for us to take part in some extracurricular activities. Take hiking for example: we can breathe fresh air and smell sweet fragrance of beautiful flowers; we can relax our muscles and have a happy mood; we can get closer to the nature and the wild animals; we can even explore a new world. All of these give us more excitement, comfort and relaxation than sitting in a classroom and studying for a whole day. Moreover, processing outdoor activities may provide us some new knowledge beyond the books. For instance, we may discover new species of animals or plants during a hiking or a climbing. Therefore, extracurricular activities can give us more comfort and relaxation and even extra knowledge which the academic study cannot provide for us. That is one of the reasons why I consider students also benefit as much from extracurricular activities as they do from attending class.

In a nutshell, taking part in extracurricular activities such as watching a movie, reading a book or go hiking can help us solve mental problems, provide us with relaxation and more knowledge. Actually, the benefits above are only a tiny corner of the whole iceberg of all the benefits that extracurricular activities can but learning in class cannot provide for us. Accordingly, I definitely agree with the statement that we can gain as many benefits from extracurricular activities as we can from attending class.

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