"to worry" versus "to be worried"

Hi teachers !

In the test [color=blue]“Where are my Glasses?” :: English Errors, Elementary Level # 16, there are 2 sentences :

2). Yesterday she was worried because she thought she has lost her glasses.

(a) was worried
(b) thought
© has

5). She worried again because she knew that this would meaning buying a new pair.

(a) worried
(b) knew
© meaning

Please explain me, when we should use to worry and when we should use to be worried, what is the difference ?

In most situations, I think either will work, gaianglt. We have a number of these pairs:

To worry / to be worried
To tire / to be tired
To laze / to be lazy


The second form relates to the state/condition we are in, while the first form relates to the action itself.