To put ... weight, you should do exercise regulary.

To put …weight ,you should do exercise regulary

(1) off
(2) away
(3) on
(4) down

I think It’s Put down …
Could anyone tell me why ??

Hello there!
I am a new comer here, I didnt know how to get answer or quote on forum until now so I can join the forum to explain this question. I am vietnamese, not a native speaker. If I explain wrong thing, somebody here will tell me how ok? here we go:

To put …weight ,you should do exercise regulary

(1) off
(2) away
(3) on
(4) down

I think It’s Put off
because if you chose put down, it would not make sense!
put sb down
1 (informal) to say things to make sb seem stupid or foolish
2 to put a baby to bed
put sth down
1 to stop holding sth and put it on the floor, a table, etc.:
The policeman persuaded him to put the gun down.
2 to write sth:
I’ll put that down in my diary.
3 to pay part of the cost of sth:
We put down a 10% deposit on a car.
4 (used about a government, an army or the police) to stop sth by force:
to put down a rebellion
5 to kill an animal because it is old, sick or dangerous:
The dog was put down after it attacked a child.
put sth down to sth to believe that sth is caused by sth:
I put his bad exam results down to laziness rather than a lack of ability.
put yourself/sb forward to suggest that you or another person should be considered for a job, etc.:
His name was put forward for the position of chairman.
put sth forward
1 to change the time shown on a clock to a later time:
We put the clocks forward in spring.
OPP put sth back
2 to suggest sth:
She put forward a plan to help the homeless.
put sth in
1 to fix equipment or furniture in position so that it can be used:
We’re having a shower put in.
SYN install
2 to include a piece of information, etc. in sth that you write
3 to ask for sth officially:
to put in an invoice/request
put sth in; put sth into sth/into doing sth to spend time, etc. on sth:
She puts all her time and energy into her business.
put sb off (sb/sth/doing sth)
1 to make sb not like sb/sth or not want to do sth:
The accident put me off driving for a long time.
2 to say to a person that you can no longer do what you had agreed:
They were coming to stay last weekend but I had to put them off at the last moment.
3 to make sb unable to give his/her attention to sth:
Don’t stare at me – you’re putting me off!
put sth off to turn or switch a light off:
She put off the light and went to sleep.
put sth off; put off doing sth to move sth to a later time; to delay doing sth:
She put off writing her essay until the last minute.

But I’ve read some sentences

They used " Put down weight " .

See that … 448AABB7ZD

She had written Put down


Please, Tell me the right answer
I need it

The question has no logical answer!

To take off weight you should exercise regularly.

Take off !!
How ???

I found this question in my exercises book

Please ,I want an Explanation

With my respect

Please , I need the answer

I’ve an exam

You take off weight simply by expending energy with the exercise. You are burning off calories, therefore reducing fat in your system, and therefore you are taking off weight.



If we explore this problematic sentence in another way, what we will say to gather (add) weight…? [color=blue]PUT ON…right…? You will put on weight if you are not exercising. Hence we can derive the opposite as [color=blue]PUT OFF…!!

Please correct me if I am literally wrong.

I think PUT OFF means To delay

I don’t think Put off is the right answer

Kitos ,

Do you mean that there is no answer of the choices I’ve written ?

To put …weight ,you should do exercise regulary

(1) off
(2) away
(3) on
(4) down

That is exactly what I mean. You don’t put off weight, you take it off, or lose it.

Hi, if excercising would help you lose weight, then it is to “put off” and if excercising helps in adding weight, then, it’s “put on”. I’m saying this because some health centers ask their clients to excercise in order to put on some weight.

Sincerely if PUT ON is used in the sense to add, gather or accumulate weight, then I think there is no harm in using PUT OFF to reduce, dismantle or lower the weight…

Batoul Saad sounds just incredible…to support my suggestion…

Boom boom boom boom …

Sorry guys but I have not been doing any exercise recently and have PUT ON quite a lot of weight. <ping!> Whoops there goes another button.

Looks to me like an exercise question incorrectly written !!


I’ve asked a teacher
and he told me that the right answer is PUT DOWN

Thank you all

“How to put down my weight?
i am a house wife … i want to reduce my weight at home itself.”

This is the actual item referred to. So badly written as to be farcical.

For the last time … You take OFF weight or put it on!

Sorry but your English teacher is incorrect, unless of course he is just putting you down!

As Dad said … “put on” or “take off” … also you can say to “gain weight” or to “loose weight”.


Or even “lose” weight Rob, unless you want to feel “loose” of course, as in “Hang loose man.” Not many do!


Whooops my oo always dooes that too me. When I doon’t check …lool

kindly tell me where i can use have and has