To... peel


“Come and help me peel the potatoes.” Right. Is it correct to say “Come and help me TO peel the potatoes” too?

Thanks a lot. Cheerio

Hi Francesco,

I managed to find your post buried in a pile of new spam posts. :frowning:

To answer your question, no, I personally would never add ‘to’ to that sentence. However, that might possibly be more normal in BrE. Maybe Dozy and/or Bev will chime in.

In addition, it would be quite typical to omit ‘and’:

- Come help me peel the potatoes.

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I would certainly be happy to add ‘to’, just as you suggest, Mr Francis:
Both of these sound/look good to my British senses:
Come and help me to peel the potatoes.
Come and help me peel the potatoes.

I would be extremely unlikely to drop the ‘and’.

Hi dear friends,

Your responses confirm that your language is a quite flexible language! Anyway I’m glad that it’s possible to say “help me TO peel the potatoes”. That means that my English - slowly but surely - is getting better. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help as usual. I hope everything is doing well for you.