To or For

when we want to talk about purpose, or the reason why we do things, we can use infinitive with “to”, we can use “for” verb+ing and “for”+ noun they are used as an adverb.

So I have a question. can I make sentences like the following example??

I’m bringing some pots and pans for cooking.

( can I change “for” verb+ing with infinitive with “to”)

I’m bringing some pots and pans to cook.

pls check bellow these sentences can I change like this??

I came here to study english.

I came here for studying english.

I came here for english.

Hi Letsgo74,

The sentence with [color=blue]for may mean a long time event, rather never ending.

The sentence with [color=blue]to may indicate a particular event or for a short period.

This is what I understand and I employ these prepositions accordingly.

Let us see what our masters’ guidances.