To make the most of it?

Sometimes, you don’t want to start over from scratch.
When you spend a lot of time getting your design right, you want to make the most of it, such as by reusing it.
Or, maybe you want to take advantage of design work already done by others.

Could you please help me with the meaning of the phrase “to make the most of it” in the above sentence?

Many thanks!

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Make the best of what you have: you want to improve what you have so that it is of an acceptable standard (even if it is not the best it could be).

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I feel that

rather suggests to me ‘make the maximum use of something’.

Yes, I didn’t read the original carefully enough. For some reason, I was thinking of ‘make the best of it’.
My apologies, Galilom2002.

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It is OK, any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks both of you, BN and Alan.