to make similar boasts

Could you please help me understand this sentence. I would appreciate if you paraphrase it for me in simple words. Many thanks

The bank is close to earning returns in excess of the cost of shareholders’ equity. Very few banks can make similar boasts.

The bank is almost earning more money than it needs to cover the cost of shareholders’ equity.

“cost of shareholders’ equity” is a technical finance term. According to Wikipedia it is “the return (often expressed as a rate of return) a firm theoretically pays to its equity investors, i.e., shareholders, to compensate for the risk they undertake by investing their capital”. ( )

Thank you very much Dozy. What about ‘Very few banks can make similar boasts?’

Literally, it means that very few banks can boast “we are close to earning returns in excess of the cost of shareholders’ equity”. In practice though, such use of “boast” tends to be more a figure of speech, and so it is simply saying that very few banks are in the same good financial state.

Thank you very much indeed.

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