'to leave someone *with* something'?


Is with necessary in this sentence?

‘As the quoted prices have left us with the smallest profit margin, we will not be offering any trade discounts on this consignment.’

Thank you very much.

I’d leave it in for clarity.
the prices haven’t directly left the profit margin.
They have left the company with it.

Hi Beeesneees,

Somehow I’m still a bit confused. Could you make it clearer?

Thank you :slight_smile:

have left us the profit margin… could be re-written as:
‘We have been given the profit margin from use of the quoted prices’
from this, you can see that the original meaning is lost.

Why isn’t it rewritten as ‘We have been given the smallest profit margin from the use of the quoted prices.’ And thus it makes sense?

From a native speaker’s point of view, that’s nowhere near as fluent and concise as the original.