To improve the quality of education university should spend more money on salary

TOPIC:To improve the quality of education university should spend more money on salary for professor

Recently, our government pays increasingly attention on the quality of education, since it is the fundament of the development of science and technology. In other words, only the education gets improved can the society progress. From this perspective, most people hold the view that universities should enhance the education quality through spending more money on salary for their professors. However, I am not in favor of that, insisting increasing the salary cannot improve the teaching abilities of teachers. Besides, on the contrary, there are other more efficient means to strengthen the education, such as controlling the members of students attending classes and improving the infrastructure of the university.

To begin with, raising the salary has nothing to do with the reinforcement of teaching abilities. It is apparent that the educational quality is closely related to the educating abilities of professors. Whereas, boosting the salary of these professors exerts no influence over the improvement of the educating ability. Take one of my university professors as an example: Mr.Gao taught us java, one computer programming language, last semester. Although, he has a high level of academic knowledge, he is not good at teaching, since he cannot explain problems explicitly to us. Once he was talking about the concept of thread which means the independent fragment of one process but he could not introduce this concept clearly to us. It took him nearly twenty minutes to explain this notion, nevertheless, none of us got the idea about what he was talking. Ultimately, he gave it up and required us learn on our own after class. It is conspicuous that universities should train their professors so as to improve the quality of education rather than simply spend more money on the salary for professors.

What’s more, reducing the number of students of a class is more efficient to boom the educational quality. Only in this way can professors attach equal importance to every student and can students concentrate on the class. It is prevalent that students are required to attend several curriculums in which a large number of students take that course in the same time, for instance, the advanced mathematics. At the first year in the university, the whole students of my school approximately 150 students were required to attend the advanced mathematics in a large classroom. Once I was late to the class and I sat in the back row of the classroom but I could not hear what the teacher talking about. It is obvious that controlling the member of students in class can definitely improve the quality of education.

Moreover, universities can take the advantage of the extra money to ameliorate the facilities in the campus instead of spending them on the teachers’ salary such as updating the computers in the library, providing nutritious food in the canteen, improving the living conditions in the dormitory. All these are aimed to create a convenient environment for students to study.

Taking all these aspects into consideration, I believe that there are many other efficient methods to improve the educational quality rather than simply the adding salary for professors.

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Hi, your essay was pretty good. You have a clear structure and some pretty good examples to support your points. Buy you had a lot of preposition errors in this essay and a lot of odd sounding or unclear phrases. Overall, your writing just had a very unnatural feel to it. I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.