To, For or Of (to ask / for asking / of asking)

Dear teachers,

Please read:

1.You’ll have the opportunity to ask/ for asking/of asking any questions at the end.

2.At least give her the opportunity to explain/for explaining/of explaining what happened.

3.I’d like to take this opportunity to thank/for thanking/of thanking my colleagues for their support.

You will choose (a), (b) or ©? (to ask, to explain, to thank)
b.for +ing (for asking, for explaining, for thanking)
c.of + ing (of asking, of explaining, of thanking)

Is there a case that you choose both (a and b, b and c, a and c)(that means both are correct and have the same meaning) or all (a, b, c)(that means all are correct and have the same meaning)?

Is there a rule? (when using “to”, when using “for”, when using “of”?)



One of my dictionaries says that all three are correct!

1- A lot of opportunity to travel.
2- A lot of opportunity for travelling.
3- A lot of opportunity of travelling.



Yes, but please share with me your opinions about my questions.



The usual grouping is opportunity to (which is perhaps mre specific) or opportunity of (which perhaps more general)