"to feng shui something" / "to do feng shui on something"

Hello Alan, Mister Micawber, Beeesneees, Mordant, Esl_Expert and other native English speakers,

thatslife.com.au/article.asp … 3714&Pid=4
Easy ways to [color=red]feng shui your home

[color=red]feng shui is a verb, isn’t it? Is it common to say “to do feng shui on something” to mean “to feng shui something”?

This is my first time seeing it as a verb. I would not use it this way. It’s probably informal. I would use the former of your two options below.

Thank you, Mordant.

Are “feng shui” and “kung fu” equally well known in the U.S. and the UK?

Hi Tofu,

Both phrases are well known in the UK.

The same applies to the U.S.

Thank you, B and Mordant.