To Drinking and to Drink

I was reading some nutrition news and i found this:

The ABA says that this survey also shows that the caffeine children and teens get from energy drinks is equivalent TO DRINKING less than one can of energy per day;

I would like to know, why in this sentence they put TO DRINKING and not TO DRINK; well…
As i am concerned when we use the gerund, we put FOR, " FOR DRINKING", or we use the infinitive TO DRINK, but never together " TO DRINKING".
is there any exception for that?

Please, could someone explain to me…

Thanks in addition…



‘To’ is not always the infinitive particle; it is also a preposition. Here it is associated with an adjective, which is a reasonably common formation, and its prepositional object is, of course, a noun - a gerund:

Equivalent to drinking
Looking forward to seeing
Addicted to snowboarding