"to come and go"

Hello everybody,
I’d be immensely grateful if you could help with the expression “to come and go”.
I have to translate a sentence where sth “has come and gone”
and I’m not sure about the meaning at all.
Thanks for your help!

hello Luseeya. it s quite simple. even you come and go in this world. u come when u are born and u go when you die. :wink:

Hello LuSeeya

This phrase is pretty literal. It means that something has come (arrived) and gone (left). It means to have something and then lose it.

Usually, there is a sense of being a fleeting moment, or only having something for a short duration of time. The phrase may be used to convey a sense of sadness about only being able to enjoy something for a short time.

Would you like to provide us with the exact sentence for further comments?

Hello Skrej,
thanks a lot for your reply, I thought it could be something like that.
The context is easy, it is a text about bank crisis in the USA and the sentence is:
“The first anniversary of credit crunch has come and gone.”


Heh, okay, so that’s obviously not one of the cases where it carries the ‘sense of sadness’ meaning. :slight_smile: