to be up to

Who can tell me the meaning of ‘to be up to’?
I have no idea!
Thank you !

What are you up to? - What are you doing?

If that doesn’t fit the situation where you’ve heard it used, please post an explanation of the context or a longer extract so that we can help.

Hi Antonella,

Another possibility of ‘be up to’ could be meaning ‘capable of doing something’ often used in a negative sense as in: She’s so old now that that she’s no longer up to taking the long walk to the shops.


Hi, Cheers m’ dears!
You mean the question below are the same? Thank you.

What are you up to? - What are you doing?

Hello again!
Thank you a lot for your messages!!!
The sentence was:‘Simon Cowell ,in his role as judge, has been up to his old tricks with contestants ,fellow judges and the show’s presenters.’(‘has been up to his old tricks’ has the meaning ’ has been capable of doing his old tricks. ’ ?

Hello Antonella,

Here, ‘has been up to his old tricks’ means that Simon Cowell has been behaving in the way he has in previous shows and series. (Cowell is infamous for being very outspoken and blunt… it is this trait that is referred to as ‘his old tricks’. The term is idiomatic rather than literal - he hasn’t been performing any tricks.)